Group Outings

What better way to reconnect with family, friends and co-workers than paddling in the Adirondack wilderness? Build camaraderie as you head out on your journey away from it all. Unplug from technology and get back to nature.

Let Tickner’s take care of everything for your group from transportation to packed lunches.  Canoes or kayaks… it’s up to you.  We’ll help you plan the perfect trip for your group’s ability to ensure everyone has a good time!

  • School and Church Grorps - Team Building

    Colliding Canoes
    Students and teachers alike enjoy getting out of the classroom. The kids learn that they must work as a team if they want to get anywhere.
    Build their self-esteem!
    There's nothing like it when you see that sense of accomplishment the paddlers feel. Whether you paddle an hour or a half-day trip, kids of all ages enjoy the experience.